European Cup
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The preparation is finished, the racing season begins


--Molltaler Gletscher, Austria-- 

I have finished the last training cycle of my preparation period with several trips to the Austrian glaciers. As always, a lot of work went in during my stays there.

With regards to my physical preparation, I trained for all of the disciplines and had to get familiar with the new skis mainly used for the speed disciplines. Most importantly however, rigorous mental exercises, including focus techniques, have given me a completely different feeling when skiing. Due to my previous lifestyle, my highly focused mental state was not achievable, and in turn caused setbacks in the form of injuries and an overall mental instability. This non-optimal lifestyle to which I refer mainly revolved around a poor diet. However, following certain shifts in my mentality towards proper diet and energies of life, my training, preparation, attitude and performance in racing have shifted dramatically. Here is my approach to my food intake, based on certain rules of vegetarianism. 

Alongside my new professional team, I have started a new racing season. I believe that my newly formulated approach and attitude, combined with a greater sense of responsibility towards my wellbeing and the sport itself will undoubtedly lead to many positive outcomes in the future.