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Preparation at the Southern Hemisphere


Over the last month, the training has been going very well. After being accepted for full time studies at the University in Kosice, the skiing was added to the rich variability of my previous preparation – running, gymnastics, climbing, etc. The self-studies for the admission went well however, being back on skis brought some new excitement. 

I spent some time on the European glaciers in the Alps. Despite less than ideal conditions concerning the quality of snow and the weather, I reached my goals there. The primary target was basic contact with the snow and the start with the gates. Because of the warm weather and disappearing snow on European glaciers, we started to think of different training locations, from which the most ideal came out of some centers of the southern hemisphere. Thanks to certain individuals, this possibility was quite easy to realize and after a short period of negotiations, we decided to go to Chile. Therefore, my preparation continues in this South American country. 

After a short acclimatization and with a strong impact of jet lag, I am just about to start in Antillanca ski resort. The schedule is very busy, which includes mostly a lot of skiing. Moreover, I am getting used to my new skis – Stockli, which I will use the whole new season. Their sturdiness has had a very positive impact on my new style, which brought a lot of satisfaction. There are some interesting races coming up, which some of those will be considered also as a good training. At the same time, I will battle with myself after a lot of struggles after my injury the last season.  I will focus on my progression. 

I am grateful already for this great opportunity. One must realize, that if we are honest and straight forward to ourselves, the benefit of wellbeing may come at certain point. All just happens for a reason!