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Nomination requirement fulfilled, participation in Vail cancelled


--Cortina d´Ampezzo, ITA-- 

tofana.jpgDuring the latest series of races, we first focused on slalom, followed by other disciplines. During the Super G in Cortina D’Ampezzo, which is a part of the World Cup races, I sustained an inconvenient injury resulting in my absence from any subsequent ski racing for a period of time. 

The cause of this unfortunate injury was a technical mistake on my part, which caused me to fall badly during the last portion of the Super G path. The course itself was not very difficult, but the speed at which we raced down this specific path could be compared to that of a downhill event.  Several racers did not finish the race, three of them (including me) with injuries, some more serious than others. 

This unfortunate circumstance was preceded a few weeks earlier by the feeling of euphoria I experienced due to my qualification for the World Championship in Vail, Colorado, which I accomplished by winning two previous FIS slaloms. These two performances consequently resulted an increased World Ranking position, to 93rd. As a result of the mentioned injury, this did not last long. However, I believe that everything happens for a reason, although many times it is difficult for us to understand the reasoning immediately. All we can do, in my humble opinion, is accept the changes that come and extract a lesson from the circumstances… My current stage is giving me more time for my mental preparation and reorganization of my schedule for the near future, post successful treatment and recovery. However long it will take, one thing is clear: I will come back to the slopes stronger.