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Looking forward for the new season


After also winning the Slovakian Championship GS, went on to finish the racing season in Sweden with some additional races. Despite the lack of any significant change regarding my FIS points, a second place finish in one of the GS races left me with a good feeling. More significantly however, I felt that there was a big change in my mental approach and thinking, which I consider to be more important for my athletic development when compared with winning a race, sometimes without realizing how exactly.  

slavkovsky.jpgThere was a period of free time after this set of races, in which little important sport activity took place. This lack of activity during the racing season allowed me some much-needed rest, the need for which soon vanished. Therefore, I fluently involved myself in other activities including long distance running, hiking on trails to known mountain chalets as well as some of the highest peaks – all of this took place in the High Tatras, Slovakia. Time spent in the gym and doing working with weights was also an important part of this period. 

I have also been preparing myself mentally as I have had more time for this part of my preparation. The main focus is on concentration, including special mental preparation, which I hope to use during the races of the upcoming season. I can honestly say that I am surprised with myself when I take a look at how much progress I have made in such a short amount of time.