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Thank you for your visit. You can find here an information about my ski carrer development, news about getting ready for a following season and also points of my ski history. Enjoy your next viewing!

 „There is nothing particular about being better than others. Particularity is based on the fact, that we are trying to be better today than we were yesterday." 

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Because of the warm weather and disappearing snow on European glaciers, we started to think of different training locations, from which the most ideal came out of some centers of the southern hemisphere. Thanks to certain individuals, this possibility was quite easy to realize and after a short period of negotiations, we decided to go to Chile. Therefore, my preparation continues in this South American country. 

There was a period of free time after this set of races, in which little important sport activity took place. This lack of activity during the racing season allowed me some much-needed rest, the need for which soon vanished. Therefore, I fluently involved myself in other activities including long distance running, hiking on trails to known mountain chalets as well as some of the highest peaks – all of this took place in the High Tatras, Slovakia. 

In the next few days I will continue to participate in several other disciplines at the Slovak and Czech Republic championships here in Špindleruv Mlyn. Soon my team will also choose a few other suitable races, in hopes of improving my FIS ranking. Although the season is technically ending, we are only getting started. Every day on the mountain brings forth more and more mental strenght, which I had been short on in the previous weeks. 

In the last few days of healing I have made further solid progress in my recovery, being able to get back to my slalom skis. The most incredible, and fortunate aspect of all of this was really the lack of pain I felt throughout my recovery, and the effortlessnes via which I progressed. I am happy to say that I can continue to push myself more and more in training as a result. 

During the latest series of races, we first focused on slalom, followed by other disciplines. During the Super G in Cortina D’Ampezzo, which is a part of the World Cup races, I sustained an inconvenient injury resulting in my absence from any subsequent ski racing for a period of time. 

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